Demanding demolition projects are effectively executed through carefully preparing and documenting realistic methodology.

These operational ways of working are based on a sound understanding of applicable requirements and more than two decades of mechanical engineering experience.

Bear Site Demolition Ltd is not only well located but excel at combining technical know how and operational limitations to ensure all our works are safe and effective.

Industrial Decommissioning & Dismantling

Bear Site Demolition Ltd specialise in structurally and logistically challenging projects. We provide the time and energy to recognise the structural integrity of a structure to enable a deconstruction or dismantled rather than a simple demolition.

Our initial steps ensure the working environment remains safe and secure before removing any complex system or structure.

We offer a unique 'one stop shop' solution for industrial and commercial decommissioning and dismantling including Temporary Works Design and Coordination.

Temporary & Permanent Structures

Bear Site Demolition Ltd have our own in-house structural specification, detailed design, manufacture and installation teams who can deliver efficient temporary and permanent solutions to many industrial challenges.

Recognising our client requirements and understanding the final design intent is crucial before drafting a any solution including Temporary Works Design and Coordination. Our design organisation is operating the latest Autodesk Engineering Collection software enabling economical design, manufacture and installation.